Saturday, January 17, 2009

Step 2: Creating a Website

How to Create a Website:

There are 2 ways to create a website. one is for FREE another is by paying MONEY annually. as a beginner, one should fo for these free services. the reason being, even if you are not able to make money, it won't affect you in any way and also, some of these free services are very effective.

One of such resource is BLOGGER. blogger is also a google product. The main reason for which blogger is used is to express our thoughts, ideas, views, etc.... on any topic and you can use google adsense code in those blogs to make revenue ( See How to use Google Adsense post). one can own 'n' number of blogs. the main reason to use blog is it is easy to use, it will be easily found by google crawler ( see google crawler post).

Oneof other FREE website making sites are, The reason being suggesting the site is i have been using this site for a long time. Here you need some knowledge on site creation mainly HTML. first you should have a website creating software. Many of the softwares are there in the market, but the best is MS Frontpage, the best i have ever used. ( you may find difficulty in finding the software. you can find it at it is an user friendly software. try & learn to use it as it is the key for your success.

Step 1 Know about Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense is one of the most reliable tools which guarantee you making money online. As I said previously, it involves a series of steps to make money in this process.

What you need?

  1. You need a website
  2. You should have a Google Adsense account
  3. Knowledge on surfing & basic html
  4. Time 2-3 hrs daily

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you know you can make money for FREE !!!!

Have you searched anytime in google using these words: make money, online income, earn money at home, make money online? if you have searched anytime, you would have found that there are possible ways of making income online without investing anything !!
Nothing comes without hardwork. even though there are ways of making money, it is not a single click step, it involves a series of steps including, awaness, practicing, analyzing, researching and it goes on!! but the final result is yes it is possible to earn online.
It is hard for anyone to collect information regarding these and sorting out to an useful data. because millions of websites are there already and many are being created day to day. all of those are not providing the useful and needed information. i have been knowing these ways since january 2007.
so, i decided to tell others who wanted to know these information through this site. go through all the informations and practice these, get good results..... hereby, in this new year you have taken the first step of making money..... have a Happy Year ahead..........